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By Vernalee Here we go! The phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen” generally refers to too many people working on the same project with no central direction while achieving inferior results. Let’s move this scenario from the kitchen. When directions to perform tasks are coming from too many people, you usually end up with an organized mess! The absence of leadership is a major stumbling block. It begs to ask, "Who’s in charge?" Is it - Everybody, somebody, anybody, or nobody!

Think about it! If there is a strong leader, it doesn’t matter how many cooks - there are. A good leader gives clear cut and solid directions. A good leader trims the fat. They are followed and they follow. They even do what the said they would do. Imagine that? They are credible, respected, and their judgment is trusted. They even know how to stop talking and listen! Wow! They are what they purport to be; they walk the talk. People follow them instinctively in the kitchen, in the office, in life. Who wants mediocrity? A good “chef of a leader“ provides recipes that can be followed. When that happens, we can “cook“ up a storm, sit back, relax, and eat a delicious full course meal. Now that's what I'm talking about! Photo credit:

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May 28, 2022


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