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By Vernalee

The interpretation of this statement is as follows:

"There are those who would consider this as smartness on the part of the zebra. But that's because those people are not paying attention to the catch word "actually". It means the zebra tells the black horse, "I was lying to the white horse. I'm black". Imagine someone dealing with you and presenting a certain front or personality to you and then meets with another person and presenting an opposite personality. How would you interpret this? My guess is that you would feel your intelligence has been insulted or at least doubt the integrity of that person. Is the person shady or a hypocrite? When people are outright bad at least you know them for what they are, but for people who pretend to be good only to show their evil in secret, that is hypocrisy. The mark of hypocrites is that they have different conflicting personalities depending on whom they are dealing with. They say one thing here and another thing there ~ their words don't add up. They pretend they are with you in the open and act against you in secret. The reason they engage in double dealings is because they have double standards. People who speak half truths are more dangerous than those who speak complete lies." Be on the lookout! Take heed when you find out that what you thought was for real was just a mirage! Everything is not always black or white. Don’t forget the color - gray!

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