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By Vernalee

This song, Walk with Me, was one of my Mother’s favorites. Listen to the words! My Mother prior to her death instructed my niece, my daughter, her great- granddaughter and me on which songs she wanted performed at her funeral. What a woman; what a Mother! Selfishly, we never want to let go of our loved ones even when we see the end in sight. It is so unnatural. My Mother wanted a glorious homegoing, and that she received! My Mother also requested us to line up by age and walk into the church on this song. That we did! So as my dear Mother is walking around Heaven this Sunday morning, we all miss her incredibly. She gave us so much to be thankful for; so many memories; so many quotes; so many recipes; so much love...and the admonition to love The Lord and keep him first. “He’ll order your steps sugar. Just turn it over to him.” On this Sunday, I emotionally say as big Buffalo tears enter my eyes and roll down my cheeks, "I miss you Momma, but I as we all do thank you for all that you gave - your everlasting love, your continuous sacrifices, your forever caring, your relentless prayers for us … your everything! Yes, we all miss your walk on this earth, but you left your mark - one that will never be forgotten; one that will be cherished forever!

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