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By Vernalee

Do you believe in karma? Whether the answer is yes or no, remember this.

What goes around comes around!

This five word phrase (which uses one of the words twice) is so generically simple, but realistically true! Let me show you what I mean. Years ago, my Mother told me, “Escalators take you up and bring you down. Treat people right! The same people that you see going up, you may see coming down!” Keeping a dignified balance of fairness in life is critical to your well-being and to your integrity. It speaks loud and clear about your character. Do not be in a position where you mistreated people on your upward climb to success and expect them to be gracious if unfortunately you are on a descent. What if they treated you like you treated them – with a lack of dignity and respect? You probably wouldn’t like that…. so why give what you can’t take! The Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you” – is always the best practice. It works every time … up or down; going or coming! Photo credit:

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Mar 02, 2023


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