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By Vernalee

Want to go shopping anyone? When you go to the stores, be prepared. Have a plan. Smart shopping requires research, skills, and time. For the most part, I have resorted to on line shopping. It’s reliable and time saving. My nieces, however are shopping divas with a skill set that can rival the best. They are the “shop till you drop” ladies. They can dig up a pricey Saks Fifth Avenue designer suit at a bargain warehouse for such a ridiculous price that it is laudable. I kid you not! I marvel at their skills! Their finds leave you speechless! I don’t know if they have telescopic vision, but they know where all the sales are (near and far; on line and off) including the moment of their occurrence. Finding the “blue light” specials is their specialty as they emerge into one or several of the smart shoppers categories below: 1. The Bargain Hunter – Gets the best price. 2. The Impulse Buyer – Acts quickly to snag a deal. 3. The Loyalist – Uses rewards to save big. 4. The Researcher – Compares every offer. 5. The Negotiator – Always haggles. 6. The Shopper on a mission – Plans strategically. To my nieces, I am recommending that you set up a personal shopping business. With your skill set, you will make a mint! Sometimes, I wonder which niece is the best shopper! It’s too close to call. They are all … just that good! Here’s my advice girls – To get you started, I’ll prepare your business plan and create the necessary documents. Use your skills and talents to shop for others and make big money doing something that you love – shopping! Cha Ching! Photo credit:; Illustration by Aimee Camilien; Source: Essence Magazine


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Jul 27, 2021

Impulsive shopper!


Jul 27, 2021

I hate shopping, I'm in & out as quickly as possible!!!!

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