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By Vernalee

If your eyes were glued to the Lifetime channel like mine's during its premiere, we saw the making of the gospel group, the incomparable Clark Sisters. We traveled back in time to witness their family problems (we all have them), their climb, their challenges, their struggles, their successes, their love ...

True to form as their lives personified, "We see the glory, but we don't know the story."

The Clark Sisters have many gospel hits, but "You brought the sunshine into my life" will make you jump up and shout! These lyrics mean so much right now.

Listen ...

"You made my day You came my way You heard me every time I pray You gave me peace You gave me grace You put a smile upon my face

You brought the sunshine in my life You are the lifeline Since that I have found Christ There has been such a change in my life."

Powerful Lyrics, I'll say!

Sunshine brings light, it brings heat, it guides us ...

Sure, some days may seem dark, but God gives us light that comforts us; delivers us; makes us whole ...

Without fail, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The light of day is powered by the sun ... which is powered by God.

Our lives are changeable and sometimes like the weather. We may have stormy days, but if we stay close to God and remain prayerful, "daylight will come in the morning!”

The Clark Sisters through their harmonious voices reminded us that through it all - we are “Blessed and Highly Favored.” They reminded us about the sunshine that God brings that makes those horrific dark and dreary days bright.

Happy Sunday!


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Aug 06, 2023


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