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By Vernalee

As we travel, there are tons of directional and caution signs including the Stop, Yield, Wrong Way, and others.. I’m sure that you have seen them all. Similar to the traffic signs, we also have many life directional signs and commands. Typically, there are only two major directions to follow - a right way and a wrong way. Sometimes that may change when we meet those headstrong individuals who have invented a new path to follow called “their way!” I’m sure that you have encountered one or two of these “great ones” in your journeys. With their self professed rules, it’s either “their way“ or the highway; if you know what I mean. They care not whether it’s right or wrong because their way trumps all;; remember? Stop! As my Mother would say, “God gave you a mind. Use it.”

So to those who have navigated “their way,” and expect you to follow, use your head to think for yourself. So that you don’t endure bad consequences by following someone else’s proclaimed directions/ commands, it‘s time to recognize that there is - no right way to do the wrong thing!”

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Jul 17, 2023


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