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"A woman is like a tea bag -

you never know how strong she is

until she gets into hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady

"Why is a woman like a tea bag, you may ask. It's quite simple. We don't know the strength of a tea bag until we put the tea bag into hot water.

A woman's true strength comes to the surface when she gets into hot water and then you'll see her real strength come out.

You'll see a women stand out under pressure and at that very moment you will see her determination and resolve carry the day. 

Never underestimate the strength of a woman."

Many of us first saw this incredible strength in our Mothers. A woman’s strength and ability to conquer adversity are ever so present. But I know that I’m talking to people who have witnessed this strength first hand. I am certain that I don‘t have to make you a believer out of you! Now then ... let’s have a cup of hot tea!

Photo credit:; Source: Lou Ludwig

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Jul 27, 2023


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