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By Vernalee

Who is your best friend?

Brace yourself. Your answer will probably not be as long as the far stretching Mississippi River. Alright, I will admit and have been told that sometimes, I can be somewhat dramatic and theatrical. I try to keep my feet on solid ground, but occasionally I’m put to the test .. like when I recently read an anonymously posted comment that brought me down to earth. It went like this: Basically my computer is always there for me and so is the internet. They are without a doubt my two best friends. I mean I have human friends…but I don’t hang out with them as much as I do with my computer and they can’t be with me when I travel. I’m also pretty sure I have a computer addiction.” Like a fishing rod, I was reeled back to reality. Just when you think that you have heard it all, someone comes up with a comment that makes your over the edge tendencies appear minuscule. At first glance, this posted comment seemed strange. So much for normalcy; it can become a castaway quickly. I reflected for a moment. Do know this! I am as gregarious as they come. I love the human touch and interacting with people of all races, creeds, and colors. I love my friends and we stick by each other through “thick and thin.” I wouldn’t trade my few treasured friends for anything. Truly I wouldn’t! Things can change so spontaneously sometimes. It did with me. Allow me to elaborate. Last week, I misplaced my phone for a few minutes. I became an instant dummy because I couldn’t remember any telephone numbers. They were conveniently stored in my cell phone. I couldn’t communicate with the world. I was temporarily stalemated. It was at this point that I realized how chummy we (my computer, cell phone, and I) had become. I click those keys continuously. I have become a reliant dependent – technologically. Here’s another confession unknown but to a selected few. My iPad sleeps in bed next to me; an inert paramour of sorts. As it lays on my fluffy pillow, it helps me stay current on world affairs and rapidly respond to my emails/text messages – in real time. I love my technological pals. I feel lost without them by my side; lonely to be exact! I even feel naked … no exaggeration; well maybe a little! For the record, and as an aside, I love my precious human friends; they love me. No doubt about it! We share and have shared so many emotions, feelings, and have experienced wonderful cherished moments together. We regularly converse (often times via texts/emails), take trips together, and tell jokes that aren’t funny and stories that are much too long. We have secrets that can never be told. Hmm… Oh my … The same is true for my computer! I just realized that revealing coincidence. My best friends and my computer – the nexus is too uncanny! They know it all! Don’t laugh. It’s probably true for you too!

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1 Comment

Nov 19, 2022


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