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By Vernalee

Are you speaking the same language? Are you listening to each other? Is what is being said matches what is being done? Why do you continue to ask certain questions when the answers should be obvious? In other words, is the person “walking the talk?” Comfortably, you should be able to take a colleague's or partner's word and vice versa at face value. Nothing beats a person doing what he/she said. Keeping your word and living up to your commitment are foundational principles. If you can’t satisfy those terms, you may as well close the book altogether. In order to make substantial progress and be in agreement, being on the same page is fundamental. If you have to see, discern, or ask what page you're on after a substantial period of time, there is undoubtedly a disconnect. Being on the same page may not be the right question; remaining where you are with who you are with may be a more suitable ask! This theory applies whether it is a personal or professional relationship. Trust is too essential!

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Dec 17, 2022


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