• Vernalee


By Vernalee

Greetings ...Do you want to take a trip around the world? Before you answer, please know that my bags are packed! I'm ready!

Taking this journey is a lifelong dream!

With our eyes closed, here we go!

This adventure will virtually take us around the world in six drinks:

America - Whiskey,

Mexico - Tequila,

France - Champagne,

Japan - Sake,

Russia - Vodka,

Caribbean - Rum.

Of course, after your Rum, you‘ll be returning to a strong shot of Whiskey in the USA!

That's great! If you are still sober.... there is one major drawback! If I'm your travel buddy, I don't drink alcoholic beverages. So, that means that we’ll have to take this journey in person! Any takers? All reasonable offers will be accepted! Let’s soak up the sun on the beach!

Photo credit: www.gardenstheatre.qut.edu


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