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By Vernalee

This expression, "I can't put my finger on it" - means to not be able to say/distinguish exactly what is wrong or different about a particular situation. Perhaps like you, I have found myself using that phrase, more often than not. I may see or hear something that doesn't look or feel right, but at that point in time, I may not have a clue to what it is. Like most things in life, time always tell. The cream always rises to the top. That instinctive feeling which led me to say, "I can't put my fingers on it" will one day become crystal clear. Then I will say, " Ah ha. I knew that it was something that didn’t add up; something that didn’t make sense.” Listen to your gut! It always sensibly talk to you. It always confirms what your pointed finger suspected!

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1 Comment

Jan 27


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