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By Vernalee

When we admit to mistakes and acknowledge that we were wrong, it shows that we are wiser today than we were before we offended or hurt someone. It shows courage. It validates that our actions do not always qualify us for a Medal of Honor. Think about it. What happens when you fail to do what is morally right? What if you do not do what you should have done? There are some who justify their reckless behavior. They convince themselves that they were right when in fact they were as wrong as “two left shoes” and they know it. If the U.S. Government has three branches as its checks and balances, it certainly justifies that our actions should not go unchecked. Right?

Should we consult with someone and get an outside opinion? It wouldn't hurt. Why then don't we? The answer is simple. They might tell us that our actions were wrong.

And of course, being wrong can’t be a correct response to a person who is never wrong! Hearing the words don’t rest well with their ears or souls! Besides, they have already justified that their wrongness was right! Check this out! Saying “I’m sorry” is a phrase that doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. That is why they take the steps to appease their conscience while caring less that others were hurt by what they said or did.

STOP! That does not exempt them from being thoughtful and considerate! Just ask the person who was hurt and offended by them! Their feelings were severely bruised while the offender’s feelings are in a nonchalant state and go unscathed. Something is wrong with that picture! It may take a while, but eventually, their wrong deeds will catch up with them ... sooner or later. They always do.

Remember ..."Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." Proverbs 16:18.

Getting ahead of the story with an admission and if necessary an apology will make you a better person. Try it and see! It works every time and for certain is better than denial. Photo credit:

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09 août 2023


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