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Growing up, I remember hearing my Mother say, "Charge it to my head, not my heart."

Translated simply, it means that a person will not always remember certain key things and/or that a person gets busy and just forgets. You can substitute the word blame for charge to get a clearer definition. The phrase is a term of endearment in that the mind may forget, but the heart remembers. So when I error and make mistakes (particularly forgetting something that I should remember - (i.e. birthdays), charge it to my head, not my heart. Please bear with me and remember this! In my heart, you are precious, but sometimes because of the heaviness of my days, I simply forgot the occasion, but do know this - I didn’t forget you! I accept the blame for my oversights, recognize my human errors, and ask the people that I love and who love me for understanding. I ask you to charge it to my head - not my heart!


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