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By Vernalee

It’s amazing! In watching a segment on the Today Show, I learned about the phenomenon called black dog syndrome. Apparently, because of the color of their fur, black dogs have a tougher time being adopted from the animal shelters. One of the reported reasons is that black dogs don’t photograph well, which of course makes them less preferred than the dogs with lighter colored furs. Sounds familiar? Yes, that’s right! Black dogs are passed over too! Of course, black dogs are cuddly; make good watch dogs and pets like their lighter colored dog mates. Discrimination because of the color of your skin or in this case, the color of their fur, never ceases to end! So dogs receive the blunt of the color hardship, innocently if I must say, just like Black folks. People just can’t get over this color thing – whether you are a four legged animal or a two legged human. Black, White ... dark skin, light skin, brown skin ... it’s too much! Color doesn’t or shouldn’t matter! I would have never imagined that discrimination based upon color existed in the dog pound! It's unbelievable!

That is why I applaud people who see no color! They look beyond hues and see before them a magnificent person - with all of their charm, sophistication, faults, bumps, and bruises. And what a beautiful sight that is! Photo reprint:

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1 Comment

Jun 16, 2021

I concur!

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