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As we countdown the days to Thanksgiving, I thought that I would share a story or two. We all have our holiday stories buried somewhere in our memories. Well this one places me in my hometown, Glen Allan, Mississippi many years ago. Anyway, my Mother short of taking me across her knee really chastised me upon discovering that I had not taught my daughter, her namesake, the basic essentials of cooking. I remember her words to this day when she said, "It's a down right shame for a woman in our family not to know how to cook!" You see during my daughter's adolescent years, I was extremely busy balancing corporate and entrepreneurial duties that we ate out a lot! For those of you who were building careers, you know what I mean; right? So off to the drawing board, the two Phoebe's (my Mother and daughter) went! "You and your Grandma are going to cook Thanksgiving dinner together baby girl. I will show you the ropes so pay close attention," my Mother told her. Excitedly, my daughter spent the next two days with her iPad writing recipes and cooking side by side with her Granny. Word spread around our diminutive town that "Little Phoebe was cooking Thanksgiving dinner." Many town folks came over to see and taste the feast. Drumroll please … Well the meal turned out perfect and my daughter has been cooking ever since...thanks to her Granny! My Mother stepped in and picked up the pieces. That's why God gave us the extended family (It does take a village) to help where we may fall short.

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Nov 20, 2023


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