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By Vernalee

To be obvious or unusual form the basis for Standing Out From The Crowd. Our actions, behavior, leadership … determine where we stand. Certainly, our attitude and aptitude determine the altitude to how high we rise. If you want to be more than the “average bear” and not just blend in, mediocrity has no place in your world. It has been said, “Normalcy is what makes you part of the crowd. Character is what makes you stand out from the crowd. But principle is what makes you rise above the crowd.” With that being said, how will you make your way through the maze?

Here are ways to stand out and rise above the crowd. 1. Take Initiative. 2. Have a positive mental attitude (PMA). 3. Have Goals. 4. Be open to take risks and keep an open mind. 5. Be a Go Getter. We have to stay “charged up,” stay motivated, take the challenge, execute, deliver, and display positivity in our actions and leadership. Never forget that your actions are always seen by someone. Yes, we are constantly watched. When we deliver our best and don’t short-step on quality, who we are don’t matter as much as what we produce! Photo credit:; Source: Kenneth Cloutier, Get Motivated for Success.

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Apr 16, 2021


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