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By Vernalee

When people are down or “hard on their luck,” they need to be helped/picked up; not kicked further downwards! Why kick someone when they are already on the ground; be it physical or emotional!

Many of you may say, I’ll never do such a deplorable thing! My feet stay on the ground! If you look beyond the physical kick, have you kicked someone; perhaps emotionally? Have you kicked someone with derogatory language or via verbal abuse? A kick is a kick!

Remember this.

One interesting concept about courageous resilient folks when they are down is that many have the intestinal fortitude to eventually rise up! They may also have “not so fond” memories of your kicking foot! Remember … payback is not always kind! It will feel no different than the kick that you gave them … or worse! Photo credit: forums.

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14. nov. 2019

I am like that PHOENIX, I always rise!! Thank you God....

Synes godt om
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