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By Vernalee

Let's change the pace a bit. We've been serious all week. So let's navigate into deep water. Discussions about relationships are one of those areas that can be delicate to the wax of the inner ear. Here we go!

To the men, treat us like the precious jewels that we are. To the women, listen up!

Loving a “no good” man and loving a “good" man requires the same effort, but what you get in return is substantially different. It’s a night and day contrast. There is someone out there worthy of you; someone who will love you the way that God says a man should love a woman; someone who is real and not a figment of your imagination. Keep an open mind and remember that in order to receive, you have to give. Once the zero is eliminated, you’re in a better position to walk upon the man “where you are everything and everything is you!” You will as so many women ask, “What took me so long?” I say …."Better late than never!" Photo credit:

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12 août 2022


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