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Oh my, we love bread! It can be flavor-fully white, wheat, rye and other varieties. The average family eats about 80 loaves of bread a year. Depending on the thickness of the slices, there are approximately 20 slices of bread in an individual loaf at an approximate cost of $1.50. Why am I providing these statistics? Simple, because as a colleague pointed out the other day, the average person throws away the two bread ends in each loaf. Thus, minimally, we are wasting 160 slices (equating to 8 loaves of bread) yearly. Notwithstanding the cost of bread, that is a lot of uneaten bread that goes to waste! What is interesting is that the bread ends taste the same as the regular slices. As for me, I love the bread ends; buttered, toasted, baked, and topped with jam! Yum! More bread; less waste; more money! So there is no waste of any tasty, mouthwatering bread ends in my house. We realize that every penny counts.

Bon appetit! Photo reprint: www.thetelegraph.co.uk

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