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By Vernalee To extend an olive branch is to make an “offer of peace or to approach a foe in the spirit of conciliation. Biblical in origin, the phrase is derived from the story of Noah, where a dove delivers Noah an olive branch as a sign that the flood waters were receding. Historically and interestingly, olive branches were symbolic of peace as well as victory. At some point in our lives, we may consider extending an olive branch to settle a dispute or resolve an issue. Some people believe that it takes an immense amount of courage to take this action, as it often comes with an admission of wrongdoing and regret. Therefore, the offer of an olive branch would suggest that someone is tired of of fighting, whether it is an actual real life battle or a falling out between friends. If you’ve ever seen an olive branch, it’s not very strong. It’s actually quite delicate. It’s so light that a dove could fly with it with ease. It’s interesting that something so fragile carries the weight of one of humanity’s powerful gift: forgiveness. To forgive someone is an essential element of peace. How can you be at peace with someone against whom you hold a grudge? Forgiveness is also part of the golden rule. We all long to be forgiven when we’ve messed up. We all want a fresh start. It only makes sense to give the thing that we want the most of from other people.” It’s critical and indeed healthy that we move on. Forgiving and being forgiven are integral parts of that process. Saying, “I’m sorry” goes a long way. Apologies are golden. It’s essential that we make peace offerings. Why continue to be miserable? Bury the hatchet and the grudge. Don’t allow the anger, anxiety, or misstep that caused the problem and the frustration build up in your heart and take a seat in your soul. Shake if off. How else will the sprinkles of rain stop falling in your life? Be the bigger person. Extend the olive branch! You have everything to gain; little or nothing to lose. Be at peace with yourself … and others! Photo credit:; Source:;;

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May 20, 2023


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