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Alright here I go again with my broken conversational Spanish. I know that I'm not as fluent as desired, but bear with me. There's a message here. Translated, Si te caes siete veces, levantate ocho means - If you fall seven times, get up eight. That's right, stay at it! Keep going; keep improving. Don't give up. Never ever stop trying. If you fall, just get up and try again. The more you try, the better you become. Practice makes perfect. Actually, this particular quote is a Japanese proverb, but the only word that I know in that language is Sayounara (さような)! Anyway, nothing beats failure but a try. Let perseverance drive you. Even when your knees ache (they’ll heal), keep trying; keep on a going until you reach the finish line!

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Reference: baselang.com

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