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By Vernalee

For the record, you don’t need to take a class (Friendship 101), to determine who your real friends are. Your heart, love, body & soul, and evidence of treatment will tell you! Friends that you love and who love you; friends who care about you and your well-being; sincere friends; respectful friends……..who could ask for anything more! When you pick up your phone to talk to a true friend, it appears as if they are in the next room though they may be miles apart. Distance is immaterial. Though schedules may prevent you from getting together frequently, they are never far! Feed, water, and nurture your true friends because the value of true friendship is priceless! You are connected through your hearts and you become a blessing to each other! I am truly blessed. Are you? Photo credit:

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1 Comment

Jul 09, 2021

So very true


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