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By Vernalee

Happy New Year!

The countdown is officially over.

2021 is here! With it comes resolutions, goals, changes, aspirations, and so much more!

I am truly thankful and blessed to see another year! 

As I enter 2021, I pray for clear vision and wisdom as I pursue my spiritual, personal, and professional goals! I pray for good health and God's grace and covering for my children, grands, family/loved ones, and me. I ask that God order my steps in all walks of life.

The New Year gives me another opportunity to show others - respect, love, kindness, and compassion. It gives me the chance to be a better person and to help someone else along the way. I am and remain thankful and prayerful as I count my many, many blessings!

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01 de jan. de 2021

Thanks to my Lord for helping me to make it this far!

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