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By Vernalee

Many songs have been written about rain. Some love songs have referenced raindrops as teardrops. If your heart has been broken and it’s a rainy day, you can cry your eyes out and hide your teardrops as they can be easily mistaken for raindrops. The song - Have you ever seen the rain - has had many interpretative meanings. In a literal sense, the song describes a sun shower. Sometimes, similar occurrences of showers happen in our lives. There may be brilliant rays of sunshine and brightness in our lives and out of no where ... comes this down pour of rain. Now what?

We have hope. We know that the rain will eventually stop and the bright sun rays will again shine to warm the earth and bring warmth and comfort to our lives. That is why we must continue despite the odds. That is why we keep the faith and know that daylight comes in the morning... with the sunshine beaming hope in our lives!

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22 janv. 2022


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