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By Vernalee

Is that you?

Were you left hanging again?

Oh my, what an embarrassment for all to see!

You were not even afforded the courtesy to be concealed.

I know how you feel!

You are not alone.

I’ve been fooled and left hanging too!

Many of us have!


The answer is - Trust!

The person that we trusted; the person that we thought would do us no harm; yes - that person ( “Whatchamacallit”) left us once again hanging and blowing in the wind.

Stop the madness!

Don't get angry; don’t be sad.

You did nothing wrong.

You merely trusted them...that’s all.

You thought that this time around that they would not renege on their word and promises.

Once again ... a promise was made and broken; a commitment went unfulfilled; you were left in despair; you were deceived, and you became easy prey for someone else’s target practice.

It‘s even hard for you to believe that you let your guards down again!

What a shame!

You knew the signs and dangers all too well!

How did you allow this to happen twice?

Were you weak? Were you asleep at the wheel?


You simply gave the person a second chance.

Did I mention ...

You have helped them time and time again and that you've taken the shirt off your back to give them. Suddenly, to them that didn't matter and for sure it didn't count. Suddenly, they have amnesia as to what you have done for them or the sacrifices that you have made.

Their new lyric is - “What have you done for me lately.”

That makes no sense because - everything is yesterday, but the present and future!

Here’s what I say because these very words were once said to me.

* Stop worrying yourself sick about your mistakes.

* You cannot control that they failed to give you what you gave them.

* You have to chalk it up to experience, learn from your mistakes and errors in judgment, and move on.

* You can always show people better than you can tell them!

* Realize that some folks aren’t worthy of your time! Dispose of them! What a waste! You are too wise to find yourself hanging on their emotional clothes line ever again! * Repeat after me.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Think about it.

Hanging around them ...made you super duper smart. It took a while but now you can see the forest from the trees!

Now, that you are no longer hanging, you can see the real person that they are!

Maybe, you should count that as a blessing in disguise!

I did!

Those who came before me and taught me - did too!

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23 juin 2021


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