• Vernalee


By Vernalee

As we continue the countdown in Women History Month, I give love and honor to those women who have shown me the way and taught me a thing or two. A shout out to my two Phoebe's (my Mother and daughter)! My Mother laid the foundation and yes, I have learned a lot from my daughter! My late sisters, Barbara and Jean taught me much. Barbara was a "Sister Momma" who kept you in line. My Aunt Sudie and Aunt Minnie were substitute Mothers. My favorite teacher, Toni Patterson Menchan taught me how to dream and achieve. My loving nieces, cousins, and friends (praying and lifelong friends) continue to guide me. Let me not forget those old women who sat on their porches in Mississippi who gave me unsolicited advice that I didn't want to hear at the time, but whose words of wisdom remain in my soul. I thank you all! I'm the woman that I am because of you!


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