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By Vernalee

Listen up! I'm not jumping through hoops anymore ... for anyone who will not do it for me! You heard it right! That's my position and I'm sticking to it! After years of adjustments, finally I am comfortable in my own skin! Yippee!

Over the years, I‘ve considerably learned a thing or two about hoops. Some days, I didn’t make the winning shots, but I kept practicing. Playing ball “one on one“ can be a strengthening tool. Practice makes perfect! It helps you to sharpen your skill set and to outwit your opponent. LeBron James told me that! Yes, we can learn from younger folks; kids even. In fact, those daily drills perfected my proficiency level to a "tee." I even learned to dribble the ball behind my back while demonstrating stellar footwork and showmanship. Imagine that! Alright, I’ll stop with the comparative analogies and far reaching sports jargon. All kidding aside, I had to learn to play the game; the business game, that is. It was not instinctively a natural process. Without fail, I worked hard practicing my craft every day. It wasn’t easy.

I had to ”toughen up” to make ends meet. I was not alone, many others had to do the same!

To survive, I could no longer be a “softie.” Tough skin was/is necessary. Yes, that’s right. I grew! I learned! I made the necessary changes! Along with that came purification. Those who were deterrents and not helping companions had to go! Shedding dead weight (i.e. the wrong people) makes your load lighter. As their noncontributory moves were casted aside, my realignments became assets on my side of the ledger. Sure, I'm still playing ball. I’m still at it! I earned the right to call the shots!

The rules haven't changed, but I have! Swish! Nothing but nets!

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Nov 14, 2022


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