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By Vernalee

Doesn’t that doggie look so adorable? He is the cutest thing! His alluring appearance reminds me of some folks that a few of us considered – confidantes! We could tell them anything or so we thought. Close your mouth for a moment. Let me tell you something… 1. Protect your secrets; 2. Guard your words; 3. Be selective about who you tell what to … It’s only common sense. I’m sure that you have heard this advice before – time and time again. I have! Of course, we don’t always listen. If someone tells you other folks business, they’ll tell yours! It doesn’t take rocket scientist intelligence to figure that out; it’s plain and simple. You are not exempted from gossip particularly from a person who can't keep their mouth closed. Don’t assume that their behavior will change – just because it’s you! They took the liberties to put your business out in the streets because you provided the ammunition! You told them! Because you let your guards down, your information is now freely circulating through the universe for all ears to hear! Why would they be discreet? They could care less. Did you forget? They are bona fide gossipers. Besides it’s your business; not theirs!

It never fails. If a dog brings a bone, he'll take one! Photo credit: unidentified source

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1 Comment

Jan 09, 2020

Thank you

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