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In one ear; out the otheris an expression that means that the words were heard without any influence or effect. That phrase is meaningful particularly when you hear words from a person whose conduct is deceitful and dishonest. Their echo go into the left ear and with rapid speed immediately come out the right one! Why retain lies when the truth sounds so much better? When people are liars, it is difficult to recall how many times promises were made and broken; how often spoken words became immediate untruths? Resounding articulation is ever present, but credibility doesn’t exist from their lips. You cannot believe anything that they say! When you master the skill of blocking people out, the reality of their words being in your midst are moot. Fair play; right? Why clutter your mental capillaries with filth? Your time and your mind are much too valuable! That is why some folks have no idea what happened because their words were floating in thin air as they traveled in one ear and out of the other! Hear, hear! Photo credit: www.sheofferedthemchrist.files.wordpress.com

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