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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By Vernalee

February is Black History Month!

It's no secret that the history books left Blacks out. Many contributions, inventions, and discoveries by Black Americans were omitted. For example, in my native Mississippi where cotton was king, Eli Whitney was credited with inventing the cotton gin, but it was speculated that a Black man was at the helm of this invention and process. Much was stolen, but the truth always manages to rise above ignorance. Here is the Top Ten Inventions by Blacks: 1. George Washington Carver – Invented 300 uses for Peanuts. 2. Protective Mail Box – Philip Downing. 3. Blood Bank – Dr. Charles Drew. 4. Walker Hair Care System – Sarah Breedlove known as Madame Walker. (I.e. The straighten comb). 5. Carbon Filament Light Bulb, Lewis Latimer. 6. Elijah McCoy – Automatic Oil Cup. 7. Jan Matzeliger – The Shoe Lasting Machine. 8. Granville T. Woods – The Multiplex Telegraph. 9. George Crum – Potato Chips. 10.Sarah Goode – Folding Bed Knowing our history is empowering and enlightening. It produces pride and opens up a world that was previously concealed. It is important for all people to know who made significant contributions.

Read, learn, and grow! Photo credit: Source: Science: How Stuff


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