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By Vernalee

In 1966, the gospel group, The Soul Stirrers led by Sam Cooke recorded, "Jesus be a fence all around me every day." An inspiring song, it speaks of God's protection. With God's protection, you are never alone but surrounded and engulfed with his love, mercy, and grace.

Growing up, we had a Sears & Roebuck silver wire fence with a gate around our house. (Remember those?). That fence kept unwanted folks out. It gave us an extra sense of protection and security.

Now, if a wire fence can do that, imagine what God can do!

Oh yes, our God will protect you and cover you in grace!

My pastor always says that everybody needs their own song. The words will "keep" you and comfort you when there is no one around. This song is one of those old time spirituals that demonstrates God's unchanging hand and shows his eternal protection. It'll make you fall on your knees and thank the Lord for keeping you inside the walls of his protection ... and for keeping "stuff" that we don't need out! When God

shows up and shows out in your life, it is destined to make you a better person. "Jesus be a fence all around me every day" is more than a song. It is Jesus at work in my ... and your life!

Happy Sunday. God bless!

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Oct 10, 2021


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