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By Vernalee

Conducting an orchestra is an extraordinary talent.The same is true with a leadership role in any capacity. The finesse to lead particularly when you stand before a group whose talents and egos are as big as the Mississippi River is long - is no easy task. In fact, it is quite challenging to say the least. Allow me to provide an example.

When the mega hit, "We are the World“ was recorded, the incomparable maestro Quincy Jones told all of the mega star recording artists to "check their egos at the door." That’s right! He established himself as the leader and took the mammoth responsibility to control the orchestration and outcome. As time was of the essence and fundraising to feed starving children in Africa was the goal, strong leadership and task completion were critically essential. The respective singers, though individually and extraordinarily talented, respected Quincy's demonstrated and proven leadership abilities. They complied. The sound and final production only came together when all follow the commands of their conductor/ leader. What a hard task Quincy had, but what a beautiful record breaking sound he created! The same skill set and application are true in leading people no matter the task or location.

Following the leader’s dictates produces harmonic melodies. Obeying requires respecting authority. Following is also pivotal. Good leaders are good followers! It is a responsible act of humility. The resulting and resounding beauty of “following the leader” was in this referenced production magnificently heard and seen loud and clear. That was in music. The same is true in life!


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13 Αυγ 2020


Μου αρέσει

13 Αυγ 2020

I will always remember that song and video, it needs to play during these times....

Μου αρέσει
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