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By Vernalee

The expression, "Let sleeping dogs lie," simply put, means – do not go looking for trouble or stirring up problems. Some dormant situations just need to stay that way. Nobody wants to hear about ancient information whose purpose is aimed to lend airwaves to hurt someone presently. Keep those "remember when" occurrences that benefit only you to yourself. So ... Hush up and listen up! There is enough confusion and animosity as it is! Don't add your mess to the equation. Don’t instigate; leave "stuff" alone if it may cause trouble. Easy said; hard to do particularly for the troublemakers and those perfect individuals who have never made any mistakes anywhere in life! There need not be a lineup from which you stand. You know who you are! For Heaven’s sake, we know! You have stirred up so much trouble, we can identify you before you arrive at the scene. Just like meteorological occurrences, your conduct somehow manage to forecast warning signals to announce your presence. You are the 55 mph wind that precedes the tornado. Some folks go out looking for trouble. Stop being one of them! If you escaped injury before, don't push your luck. Waking up old stuff may yield a different result this time around. "Let peace be still!" The best advice is: Zip it! Speaking of predictions, I leave you with this. If you go looking for trouble, chances are you will find it … and the consequences that lie within! You will for certain wake up those sleeping dogs!

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