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By Vernalee

The above quote probably spoke to you loud and clear as it did me. We all make mistakes. Admitting and learning from them leave a memorable dent in our character. Agreed?

Attending a HBCU, we often had inspiring celebrities to visit our campus. Our professors were indeed adamant to show us that greatness came in hues...and Black was one of them! One such person that I saw, heard, and remember to this day is Nicki Giovanni. Not only was her poetry "deep" and inspiring, her reading left you spellbound. I remember her words flowing with impeccable elegance as she charismatically spoke in a rhyming pattern. She was engaging to say the least! Her style made you remember her as much as her poetry. I heard her reading poetry in our chapel at Tougaloo College (MS) in the early 1970's. As I still remember her, needless to say, she made a favorable impression! If you haven't heard her, here is your chance. You're just a click away! I present Nicki Giovanni.


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