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By Vernalee

Allow me to “Vernalize” you with my list of never(s). I can never repeat this list too many times and you may have read it before, but it is either now or never … so here goes…

Never say never! It may come back to sting you. Sometimes, you just never know what you may do!

Never pretend to be someone else.

Never disrespect your parents.

Never act as if you are an island because it's lonely by yourself.

Never set yourself up for failure.

Never keep a notebook of secrets that you don't want to be seen.

Never become a habitual liar. It makes the truth too hard to tell.

Never tell on yourself. You never did it unless your DNA proves it!

Never tell people what you think they want to hear to be kind - if you are being dishonest.

Never lie about where you are going if you don't want your whereabouts to be discovered.

Never make promises that you can't keep.

Never have a hiding spot that is easy to find.

Never back down from your principles.

Never let someone you love go; you may not be able to get them back.

Never be nobody's fool or doormat.

Never get caught.

Never cry “wolf” because no one will believe you when you are being truthful.

Never doubt yourself.

Never put yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Never underestimate yourself or others.

Never trust anyone who has demonstrated that they are not trustworthy.

Never feel defeated.

Never tell a never ending story.

Never forget what should be remembered.

Never give up or quit.

Never forget the "road" that took you over. You may have to come back.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Never knew I needed you until I lost you.

Never once have I _______.

Never pay to play.

Never rub me the wrong way.

Never burn bridges. Crossing back over is impossible if the bridge is gone.

Never make a never list with stuff that you know you will never do because you never know what will come up.

It never dawned on me because there is rarely never a dull moment in my life so never mind me or my list because I am sure that you have your own.

My never list is too long to list it all here.

Nevertheless, just like gospel singer Marvin Sapp, I realized that I need spiritual guidance and that I “Never would have made it without God!

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