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By Vernalee

I have heard many people say, “I don’t need nobody! I can do everything for myself. I was born alone and will die alone!” Although we enter and exit this world all alone, the in between time doesn’t necessarily fit that description. To those who think that they need no one, think again! When and if the waters of life eventually invade your presence and you are in a boat alone without paddles, how will you get to dry land? Assistance, security, relief from loneliness, love, friendship, companionship….are some of the benefits of having others in our lives. The need for people doesn’t signify weakness; to the contrary, it demonstrates strength! There is strength in numbers! We all need someone in our lives – to talk to, to love, to be with, to hold….to be a part of our existence. I certainly do! You do too! Never forget that islands were once connected to a continent. May I remind you that our creator in his infinite wisdom concluded that “it was not good for man to be all alone!” Who knew better than The Father?


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Jul 16, 2022


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