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By Vernalee

Sugar and Salt both look the same, but oh my are they different. Both add flavor. One is sweet, and the other is not. Both starts with a "S."

They are both white tiny granular nuggets that give food a discerning taste. Salt and sugar remind me of people. Some folks look the same; act the same, but once you get to know them, you get a taste of who they really are.

The bottom line is - Be careful who you trust. Looks are so deceiving. All that shines ain’t gold! Observe, take notes, analyze, and watch carefully that you can really see and verify what your eyes told you that you saw. Was it salt or was it sugar? Did their actions bring happiness or pain? Time and action will tell when it comes to people, just as your tastebuds do with food. Sweet, bitter, or bittersweet...are differnt whether its food or people.


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20 jun 2023


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