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By Vernalee

When we were little kids, we loved to make the images on our coloring books come to life. We used every crayon in our box to create a memorable design. It was just as simple as following the dots and staying within the lines. You couldn’t go wrong and if you did you could erase, cover up, and correct your mistake. To stay within the lines means ”To think or act in accordance with set rules.“

To go outside the designated area could place you out of bound and cause trouble. We learned that staying within the defined parameters is best. That application applies whether you’re coloring with crayons or if your actions are “colored” with the out of bounds activities of life. Following the rules is the best course to navigate our personal, professional, and spiritual paths. When we begin, improve, and maintain the process of constructing our plans within the lines of navigating our future, it is then that we become the person that we want to be!

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