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By Vernalee

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” How many times have I sarcastically repeated that nursery rhyme in a pretense that nothing said by others could ever get to me. How wrong was I! As I matured, I recognized that words can bruise. They can hurt significantly! They even sting! Ouch! Words stay with you after the bruises from the stones leave! Oh yes … words … big or small; fancy or simple; good or bad – reflect others emotions and they can become trapped within our souls. The memory of what someone said can stick like glue! Words can bring you down or lift you up! Positive words can make you feel like a million dollars; the opposite has the ability to create a sense of worthlessness. Negativity in speech can be excruciatingly hurtful particularly when uttered from people you love. The mouth from whence the words came is just as significant as what was said. Whether the words were hurting, offensive, loving, endearing, knocked you out, lifted you up, positive, or negative, never underestimate their power! For sure, we cannot ignore their effect. Sometimes, we have to live with their piercing effects and the resonating of their sounds being played over and over like a tape recorder in our minds. Erasing them can be an arduous, if not impossible task. So often, we simply have to deal or heal from the effects of their sounds! In like manner, since words are such a powerful force to our ears, we should be mindful of what we say. That small tongue is incredibly big in effect! I close with my late Mother's words of wisdom. "Everything that you feel or think, you don't have to say." In other words, be discerning with your speech.

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