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By Vernalee

Why am I biting my tongue? There are a few things that's on my mind, but the words won't come out! My mind and heart are at battle right now over what to do! "What's the downside," I ponder. I have the answers. Here goes.

What may give me peace of mind as a release may cause an infliction of hurt to the ears that hear! Is this a legitimate reason to hold my tongue? Should I tell those folks that they selfishly only think of themselves; that they are non-supportive; that their lack of backbone hurts their spine more than mine? After all, everything will eventually come to light! Will my comments hurt the person's feelings though my words and truths are as clear as the sky is blue? Do I dare utter that everyone else talks about them behind their back? Am I hurting them by not telling them the truth? Questions, questions, questions!

Let's see. I trust my wisdom will help me make the right choice. Have you ever struggled with this issue? Are you cautious about not hurting other folk’s feelings even though they could care less about yours? My conscience always get in the way. It is a nuisance that bothers me sometimes and guards my tongue. Aw Shucks! Maybe I am in the minority and am not preaching to the choir. Some folks throw caution to the wind, blurt out what they feel like saying, and let the chips fall where they may! Admittedly, at times particularly with those who are razor thin close to me, I become too contemplative or judiciously concerned to find the right time, words, and place. Maybe, I am just who I am; me not you!

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Nov 26, 2022


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