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By Vernalee

I recently read a passage that stuck with me. It went like this. "The instrument that cut the tree, be it an “axe” or saw, did the job and moved onto the next tree. The cut it made was of little to no consequence to the tool. However, the wound it left behind on the tree will take a long time to heal and will leave a scar. The tree will not ever forget the experience or the tool that was used.

We are all trees.

Some people are strong oak trees and others are delicate dogwoods, but all trees are vulnerable when pruned.

Your actions and words will leave wounds and scars just like the axe does with the tree. A bad judgement, poor choice or the slip of your tongue can crack another person’s heart. When you walk away, they are left with the pain and only time will eventually help scar over the wound that you left." It pays to be mindful of our words and actions. You never know where they will land and what the consequences may be. Once said, you cannot take your words back. The sting and memories of hurtful words and actions live on …

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02 juin 2022


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