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By Vernalee

“The tiger cannot change its stripes” or “the leopard cannot change its spots” both mean that a person cannot change his or her essential nature or character, -unless it is something that they are committed to doing.

A person usually stays true to his/her nature, even if they pretend or claim otherwise.

So wake up and don't be surprised when you hear someone say that they have changed and their behavior remains the same. It's a battle against the flesh. It takes tremendous strength, incessant prayer, and a determined person to make a dent in their established behavior.

Call me naive. Certainly, I should know better! Maybe, it’s only human nature for me to believe that people will do what they say. Admittedly, I always find redeeming qualities in people. I tend to look for the good, not the bad. So what if they make mistakes; we all do. We can rebound! Dr. Maya Angelou said – “people should do better once they know better.” Well, here I go again. Against my better judgment, believed and I got duped once again; hoodwinked in fact! When people have questionable character, only they can change that; not you! Stop thinking you can change them! I guess I will always be an eternal optimist, but realism sheds its light on the truth! True to the saying, man just like the leopard cannot change its spots! Sometimes, nothing changed but our expectations of them!

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