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By Vernalee

Sometimes, it’s hard to process that was new last year is floating in an oblivion of obsolesce today. It’s enough to make you go

- “um.” Here are a number of those old versus new contemporary items that made me think about the past and how it use to be. Take a glimpse: 1. Walking someone to the airport gate. Not anymore. That’s a step of the past. 2. Pushing the rewind button to record. Now there’s Netflix’s. 3. Smoking in public places. That’s a no-no. You can’t light up anymore; not publicly that is. 4. Recording songs on a cassette tape. Do they still sell those apparatuses? 5. Paying with a personal check. Plastic is king and on line payments rule. Lest not forget Apple Pay. 6. Using a physical map. Why figure it out when GPS can make even geographical challenged people like me worry free as it takes us to our destinations? 7. Not keeping up with technology. Everyone practically texts/emails and surfs the internet. 8. Getting film developed. Taking photographs with your phone is so much easier and cheaper. Plus, you can see the photograph right away. How about that? Let’s look at some other items that are gone or slowing fading in the sunset. 1. VCR’s and VHS’s. 2. Travel Agents. 3. Bookstores. 4. Watches. 5. Classifieds in the newspaper. 6. Dial up internet or wired connections. 7. Encyclopedias. 8. CD’s. 9. Land line telephones. 10. Yellow Pages. 11. Address Books. 12. Handwritten letters. 13. Catalogs. 14. Fax Machines. 15. Typewriters. 16. Public pay phones. 17. Record stores. 18. Long distance phone charges. 19. Movie rental stores. 20. Bills in the mail. In our reach are iPods, iPads, Travelocity, Google, and other items whose buttons we can push and have the answers/results at our fingertips in seconds.

My ...have times changed. If we are to stay current, we must change too!

We have become a click, click society as our fingers do the clicking on our computers and other technological devices. It’s mind boggling!

P.S. Keeping a sharp mind helps you process all the changes. My late Mother in her 90’s could rattle off addresses/numbers and recall facts that most had forgotten. She exercised her mind and so should we regardless of change!

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Oct 08, 2022


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