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By Vernalee

Don't you know people who aim and throw a bomb, hide their hands, and walk by as if nothing happened! Raise your hand if you know one. Can I get a witness? Without hesitation, you are their target even when they are smiling in your face! How phony! They pretend to be innocent, but their pusillanimous/unassuming appearance invariably is just as fake as they are! What happened to courage? If there is a problem, why not diplomatically confront the person? Why not be a man or woman about it! What are they trying to prove? Is there resentment? Who knows? What we know is that they intentionally planned to drop a bomb on you! How more premeditated can their plans be? Here is the saving grace! Mistakes are known to occur. Things do not always go as planned! What if the plans are diverted (I.e. the intended target sees the bomb in time and swiftly throws it back)! If that happens, the perpetrator may be the one blown up to smithereens instead of the intended target! POW! The destructive explosion went up in smoke. Tactics do backfire ... and when they do, guess who has the last laugh!

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