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  • Vernalee


By Vernalee

Shenanigans! Game playing! Aren't you tired of those individuals who pose as "innocent" when they are really - troublemaking perpetrators. They are the best of the worst. They will pick your emotional pockets if you let them. You as I know them all too well! These so-called unethical chameleons can convincingly tell a lie without blinking an eye. If you want confusion, straight shooters they are! So treacherous they are, that the good folks avoid them and walk away. Aren't you sick of them? Of course you are! It’s high time that we did something about it! Wait a minute! Sometimes, we need help. We can’t always do it alone! Let’s call in an enforcer. Gunsmoke's Marshall Matt Dillon would be the first on my dial. Matt dIdn’t take no mess! His imposing “6’6” gap leg walk” and no nonsense demeanor could successfully deal with this scheming conniving group. Dillon would rock ‘em in their boots! Yes sir! “Lock them up Sheriff. Throw away the keys, particularly if they don't stop their monkeyshine.” Now that the job is done, we'll have a drink with you and Miss Kitty in the saloon! Beers, anyone?

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