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By Vernalee

During the course of our lives, we meet many people. Nothing beats the ones who enter our lives and never leave. There’s a reason why they stay. You probably are itching to know the answer. It is no mystery or miraculous finding. Is it that we share the same values, goals, and objectives? Yes. Is it that we love them and they us? Yes. Is it that we need them to make our lives complete? Yes. There are a number of reasons that varies by individual prerogatives. Your spirits become intertwined. I have been fortunate to meet a few true friends that only time and distance separate. Whenever we see each other regardless of the time that has slipped by since our last visit, we pick up as if we glazed each other in the eye just yesterday. It’s a stickiness that cannot be erased; a glue that connects; a love that will hold and keep us together. It is the thought and the reality of knowing that someone is there in your time of need; during those moments when you need to spill your guts. My Mother always said, “God places people in your life.” We walk our trail not alone. Having a true friend on the journey makes the distance traveled worth the measured steps. When we are fortunate enough to find “true” friends who share our inner spirit, it is a treasure; a glittering diamond of sorts. They are rare, but hopefully you have encountered a few! I refer to them as the ones that are spiritually connected to us by God. True friends … are the ones with whom you share your stories of successes, failures, ups, downs, and turnarounds. Lest not forget the relating of those horror stories (nightmares of sorts) and stupid stuff that even you cannot believe that you did until your wisdom kicked in and convinced you of the dangers. Often, we discuss subjects that are embarrassing, but we need the advice of someone who cares enough to set us straight without judgment. Our innermost secrets are tucked inside their soul never to come out. They have stories that can never be told! Shhh! They laugh with us; they cry with us. They have a nudging bent on their knees from the constant prayers for us. They too are the ones who encourage and motivate you to do your best, connect you to the right people, and share not an ounce of jealousy. It becomes a mutual alliance. They truly want the best for you as you desire for them. For you to reach the highest height and soar like an eagle is their wish. Yes, it is unequivocally true that true friends are a rare commodity! I can testify. So I feel bless to have these valuable treasures of true friends in my life. It is a privilege as they don’t come around often. I don’t take them or what we have for granted. I thank God for them … and their families for sharing them with me. I thank them! Photo credit:

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May 28, 2021

Oh so very true!

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