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Two faced people … I know you know them!

They are hypocrites and live up to the meaning of the title. 

They say and do one thing in your presence and are completely opposite behind your back. Of course, they are not to be trusted …even when you are looking at them! I find them to be despicable! What about you? 

Remember the sage advice of Dr. Maya Angelou,  “The first time people show you who they are, believe them!” Photo credit:

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1 Comment

Oct 04, 2019

The true meaning of friendship for me is that I am blessed to have true friends in my life who are there 24/7 no matter WHAT!!! God has truly put us together for each other, in good times and in hard times. We have no bad times because of our faith in God and love for one another.

Mayo's advice is soe very true...Thank you for sharing...

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