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By Vernalee

There have been several studies that tie our moods into the weather. Yes what’s going on outside affects how we feel inside. For example, we may “experience feelings of malaise with dreary, rainy, cold weather. Some call it the wintertime blues. But how exactly does weather affect our mood?

Most research on the relationship between mood and weather demonstrates that weather can have a substantial effect on how we feel.

One insightful study found that good weather has a greater effect on boosting and improving a person’s negative mood.

Not only can heat or cold impact our mood, but (heavy) rain can cloud our entire disposition.“

For certain, what‘s going on outside surely has an impact.

So .... what’s the weather today and what‘s your mood? Sometimes, we may have to do an about face; a reversal of sorts. We may have to rise above the exterior circumstances and feel sunny on a snowy day. We may have to ”go outside in the rain” and wash away/ignore some stuff. You get the point; right?


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