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By Vernalee

It is amazing how a simple pronoun tells what is going on in a relationship! Listen up!

Which pronoun will it be – I, us, we, or me? Perhaps, the better question is what pronoun does your mate use? Which pronoun describes your and his interactions? Does he say we, but his actions are more synonymous to me? Do you consider him in all of your actions while he considers only himself? Alright, let’s get a little technical. The only printed difference between me and we is the first letter. Tbe two words (We and me) even rhyme, but their meaning are vastly different; light years apart. If your collective movements and actions are congruent, all is well. However, if you and youryours truly” are moving in two different directions, there is a problem. Perhaps, the time has come for the two of you to get off on the next exit! Single minded thinking doesn’t successfully work in relationships. Togetherness is plural. Why make it complex when the math is simple? 1+1= 2. 1+0= 1. When you are committed to each other, you consider the other person; after all, they are in the plan. Right?

Single-minded people only think of themselves so they should probably be by themselves! Just saying ..

.For those whose use of singular directed pronouns doesn't match their actions, the time may be ripe to say a noun that is fitting - Adios (Good-bye)! Why waste your time or make someone else's life miserable when you have the choice to do otherwise!

Don’t you agree? Photo credit: www.changethe

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21 juil. 2023


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